A&M Lawyers is a full-service law firm dedicated to giving practical and honest advice to our wide range of clients.

Our Legal Expertise

Our lawyers possess a vast array of legal experience. They are knowledgeable and also very personable. No detail is overlooked, and all files are handled promptly and professionally in order to make your experience with our firm is a very positive one.

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Handling your Matter with Care and Confidence

A&M Lawyers is a personalized Real Estate and Civil Litigation firm that exceeds expectations in meeting all its client’s legal needs for real estate and Civil Litigation. Whether clients are first time buyers or have purchased properties in the past, there can always be intricacies surrounding each unique transaction. A&M Lawyers work hard to ensure your Civil Litigation matter is dealt sufficiently and with confidence. A&M Lawyers legal team will review your situation and provide a legal understanding, develop strategies for the course of legal action, guide you through the documents/information you must present to support your statements and positively influence the final judgement for your benefit.

Some of Our Specialized Services

Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers protect you and your family from contract to closing.
Litigation and assisting clients in pursuing or resolving lawsuits is at the heart of our practice.
At A&M Lawyers, Our Wills & Estates Lawyers would help you make a Will reflecting your wishes, in light of your circumstances.
Notarization is a fraud-prevention method that is required for a number of transactions.

Helping you Every Step of the Way

The litigation lawyers at A&M Lawyers understand that in most disputes, our clients would prefer to avoid potentially costly and time-consuming litigation. For this reason, we make every effort to resolve matters for our clients through alternative dispute resolution methods prior to taking matters before a court. Our lawyers also work to ensure that our clients are kept informed and involved throughout the litigation process, providing practical and honest advice about the various options available to them. Whether acting for plaintiffs or defendants, much of our litigation work is done on behalf of clients whom we have assisted in other practice areas, such as real estate, business or estates. In these circumstances, our clients’ initial lawyer will stay involved, in order to benefit from their in-depth knowledge of the matter at hand.


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